Monday, December 8, 2008

Menu plan Monday

This is my first attempt to write a meal plan for the week. My mother use to do this and I remember how much easier it was for her to know what to take out of the freezer and how less stressful the grocery shopping was when you have a list. So here goes....i really am working to learn some better ways to be a wife and a mother and I think this is a great addition.

Monday: plans to eat after seeing a friends children in a school play

Tuesday: Honey Chicken Bake, Artichokes

Wednesday: Baked fish (frozen); Parmesan risotto, Asparagus

Thursday: Mom's B'day Fondue

Friday: Chicken and Potato bake; Spaghetti Squash

Saturday: Night out at Indochine (Thia, Vietnamese)

Sunday: Leftovers

Hope to use this carnival a lot and hold myself accountable. My mother, sister, and I are also going to start cooking a month at a time and freezing. Thanks for all the great sites with wonderful women!!

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