Sunday, December 14, 2008

Freezing Cold Day

Well, it's maybe made it to the double digits outside and Sam and I are staying inside all day. It really is amazing how much the child changes. I'm trying not to miss any minor change as I see her every day. I've noticed that her head has changed shape again (of course she is as beautiful as ever). She is beginning to find laughter and is playing with us more and more, she is such a flirt!!! She is not eating as much these last few days and is growing into her height again. I'm really trying to schedule 2 nap times during the day when she sleeps for longer periods. Some other babies from our birthing class are having similar struggles with getting a routine down so that mom and dad can have some time as well. That really has been a difficult part of babyhood to and dad are still husband and wife. It emphasizes how much work and communication it takes to keep a loving relationship going. I feel extremely blessed that AJ and I think in the same direction and really support one another. We don't always have the most efficient or effective communication but we manage to get it done. We are striving to have a loving family and it is made easier by the loving families and friends that surround us.

Well, I'm off to continue practicing being a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom).
Laundry, going. Meal planning, thinking. Costco list, writing.

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  1. Kelli - it sounds like the transition to motherhood has happened organically for you. You seem to be a natural! I'm so glad that you are really enjoying your time with Sam! Hopefully I can snuggle with her...maybe this summer???


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