Sunday, December 28, 2008

First laughs

We spent the last 4 days in Albuquerque with the family. It was a great time with a few wonderful highlights.We got to spend some time and take pictures with Great Grandma Galluccio!!! She is doing ok considering she just turned 93 on the 25th of December. She is moving to a new home in the new year and we look forward to visiting her at a smaller more intimate place.

Sam began belly laughing in great numbers this all began on December 24th. As she sat on Grams lap AJ was playing with her and she starting laughing at his funny faces. Then I was able to call the Cribley family later that night and have her laugh to them over the phone as we got ready for bed. The best point though was the next day when she was hangin with Poppop and began laughing hestarically at the fan turning over head.....what is it about the fan that is so funny to a 3 month old?? It really is precious to see the changes as they occur.

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