Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Amie's beautiful photos of Sam

It is a very snowy cold day today....a great day to sit by the fire, read a book, and eat soup with the family. Right now Sam is sleeping for her morning nap, dad is shoveling, and I'm in comfy pants. I'm really in the mood to get organized.
Last weekend my sister took some beautiful pictures of Samantha and the Family. It is such a blessing to have a professional photographer in the family. It was really neat how we just found great spots of light in our own house, and did it all on the fly. THANK YOU AMIE!!! Here are a few....
Plus a cold snowy picture of the sweet girl!!!


  1. You're very welcome, because it is a joy to have a family who likes photos taken! And you might get sick of how many I'll be taking of that cute little Squeaker.

  2. Kelli -

    Thank you for visiting my blog and sharing your no xmas story. No one we know in real life (family or friend) is in agreement with our decision, so it's always nice to meet those who are like minded.

    Your wedding dress is so beautiful! I regret not having a more modest wedding dress now. Yours is lovely.

    Blessings to your family!



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