Saturday, December 20, 2008

Busy weekend

So, I think that Sam might be fighting off a little sickness. Yesterday and a little bit the day before she would scream out at random, this is very unlike her. She wouldn't sleep very well during the day and had rosy cheeks. We gave her one dose of Tylenol last night just to be on the front of anything, she seemed to be comfortable after that and had a normal, great night sleep. I'll watch her today and see....hopefully it's nothing.
Other things on the new list include mom starting to pump a little milk to try Sam with a bottle. I must say that feeling like a milking cow is weird. There is nothing like looking down and seeing a suction cup pull your nipple away from your AJ put it, I didn't know that human skin would stretch like that. Anyway, it went well and now we just need to see if the bottle will work. The biggest suggestion I received was that I should be nowhere in the house because she knows the boob, including my smell(hopefully not stinky). We'll see how it goes....wish us luck.
As for the weekend, dad is leaving today and comes home just in time for us to go to Albuquerque. I have lots of laundry and other chores to do to get us ready to be gone for the week. I'm looking forward to being spoiled at Grams and Poppops!!! The other part that makes this weekend busy is Mom, Amie, and I are making a ton of meals to freeze. It looks like we are each going to get a lot of food frozen for $45 each!!!! We are making spaghetti sauce, lasagna, beef pasties, sloppy joes, broccoli soup and chicken enchiladas.

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