Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blog Carnivals

I don't really know anything new in the form of organizing right now, I would love some ideas on organizing recycling, plus ways to organize cleaning supplies for those of you who read this at Works-for-me-Weds. I'm also recycling this for a new carnival I've found at Green Baby Guide,
Thrifty Green Thursday.

So, I really enjoy finding new avenues for keeping my new (3 1/2 month old) child safe, clean, and healthy. I have spent the last couple of months beginning my transition to becoming a SAHM, Stay-at-home-mom for those of you who don't speak tech lingo. Don't worry I didn't know the lingo a few months ago either. I'm beginning the process now of switching out my laundry detergent and dishwasher soap for home-made, we'll see how this goes. Hopefully it works because it's also a cost saver. We also started sweet Samantha with cloth diapers from day one and love them. It was even more eye opening to us when we were using some disposable while away on vacation and the first few diapers stunck soooo bad. My husband said, "I can't stand that stinky chemical stuff next to my daughters skin". Anyway, I'm really writing to say that we have LOVED a receipe for wipes that happened to end up in our pocession from a nurse.

3 cups warm water
3 tbsp baby shampoo
1 tbsp baby oil
cotton squares (I use the ones that are for removing eye makeup, they are a great size 2 at a time, the original receipe calls for cutting a roll of paper towels in half)

I purchased containers that fit the cotton squares perfectly and make 4 at a time. They are not too wet, not too dry, very natural, very clean, and VERY CHEAP!!


  1. Get out! I would have never thought about making your own baby wipes. While I don't have kids, these are something that EVERYONE can use! Thank you for sharing! : )

  2. What do you use to store them in? Where do you find the cotton squares?

  3. I also make my own wipes, but take it one step further: I use cloth wipes, made from hemmed squares of flannel. Since we are using cloth diapers, washing wipes as well just makes sense. I keep the liquid in a squirt bottle and simply spritz the wipes as I need them.
    Maybe you could give it a try. It definitely cuts down on expenses that much more :-)

  4. Rebecca (my co-author at the Green Baby Guide) cut up her husband's cotton t-shirts into perfect rectangles and used them as baby wipes. They were soft, the perfect size, and wouldn't fray. Plus, my favorite part is that they didn't require any sewing! Thanks for joining us this week for Thrifty Green Thursday!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my site. It's great to meet like-minded moms through these kinds of things, especially since I'm the odd-ball among my more traditional parenting friends :-)
    For washing my diapers and wipes I use a brand called Country Save, which I believe is available nationally at natural foods stores. It is petroleum free, fragrance and dye free, and gentle enough for baby's skin while still working strong enough to get those diapers clean.
    For my wipes, I use a splash of witch hazel, a drop or two of baby soap, and the remainder of the squirt bottle full of water. It works great. I go through it fast enough that I've never had problems with mold/mildew; although I've read that if that is an issue a drop of tea tree oil helps.

  6. that's great--I wish I had made my own wipes while my kids were babies. Castle Rock is so pretty!

  7. As Joy said, I made wipes out of my husband's old t-shirts. I also used just plain water in a squirt bottle. (I think I read that you aren't supposed to use conventional wipes or any products at all on a baby under six weeks or six months or something.) This recipe seems like it would smell much nicer than plain old water, though!

    Thanks for joining us on Thrifty Green Thursday! We hope to see you again next week.


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