Sunday, January 4, 2009


Well, we've moved from wanting to sit to wanting to crawl. She really can't do either on her own, but she shows a real desire. I do believe this girl will be impossible to catch some day. She is so busy. I'm even trying no caffeine at all in the mornings AJ is gone just to see. I normally have 1-1.5 cups of coffee.

We're also trying bottle feeding. Dad started the first two nights, grandma tried the 3rd night, and hopefully Aunt Amie will help with the next couple of nights. She doesn't understand and gets frustrated along with pushing the bottle away. This is something new that she has to learn, we'll see how long we keep up with it. Our friend Brennan's parents have given up with him for the time being. It is hard to hear them scream and cry when you know how to fix the problem.

The last few nights she is trying something new with going to sleep. We have been blessed with a good sleeper so any challenges are interesting. The last few nights she will fall asleep in her cradle but within 10-30 minutes she will wake up screaming. If I pick her up she will stop crying, but she may do this 2-5 times initially. I don't know if she has upset stomach, needs cuddles or what but it is frustrating. I guess there will always be something new. My friend Jill is going through nap/bedtime problems with her son recently and he is 2+ yrs. Even with frustrations I found a cute pose though.

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  1. that pic is adorable!!!

    yup...we've given up on the bottle for now. don't know when we'll try again. i think our next challenge is going to try to get brennan to sleep in his crib for naps. what are you guys doing for naps? brennan is in the swing too much and i've been reading a bit how movement sleep isn't as good as motionless sleep.


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