Sunday, January 11, 2009

Drought or Flood

Well, it either feels like life is slow and has nothing going on or it runs around like a chicken...well you probably know the phrase. AJ, Sam, and I have had a VERY full couple of days. I'm sure that I will have some pictures to come. It started with going to the mountains to a snowshoeing event, it was fun but very windy and cold. Sam did very well using her snowsuit that the Grand Cribleys gave her for winter sports. She had a hard time handling the wind because it takes her breath away, but she ended up just falling asleep for the hike. We then went directly to a 'wine tasting' party with the birthing class group-again the irony of nursing mothers and a wine party. It was a blast and the babies were all wonderful. My only thing is that Sam has found her voice and it is very LOUD. She talks to everyone by yelling in a high pitched sound that noone can hear over. I'm sure she will be using it to torture us later in life.

That was all on Saturday, then we woke up Sunday to go try scuba diving at the recreation pool. My parents were going to test some equipement and asked us to come try it. It was a BLAST but my ears are still recovering from hangin out at the bottom of the pool. Brunch followed for Sam and me with the Grands, and then on to a football party that Dad was attending. The Giants lost (it was a party with all our firefighting/crimefighting friends from NY) and the party was as usual very loud. While this worked much better for Sam's new voice, it really got to my ears-still recovering.

Needless to say we are napping this afternoon and taking it very easy before the new week begins.

You cannot see your reflection in running water, only in still water - Zen teaching

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