Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mountain Fun vs. Sick Baby Girl

The battle of the 4th month......Sam is happy because she put off her shots for a few weeks.....she is sick with some respiratory virus. The doctor is impressed with how she hasn't been as sick as others and despite the fact we were staying at 10,000 ft for the last week. We say YEAH to breast milk......

plus we had a blast visiting the condo for the first time. AJ and I were able to remember the great JOY of snowboarding thanks to Aunt Amie helping out with Sam. We did lots of snowshoeing with our new shoes and went ice skating on the pond to work off all the food we ate. The weather was more than perfect.
A few firsts...
-Sam has her first virus, cough and snot included; apparently it is bad b/c the Dr. keeps calling to check on her......we LOVE Dr. Stage!!!! He was my doc a long time ago.
-She made her jungle make noise by grabbing the toy all on her own
-She is half way to flipping from her back to front
-She let Aunt Amie and Uncle Albert put her sunglasses on and kept them on
-Dad and Sam had their first evening alone (taking a bottle and all) while mom went to a business happy hour

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  1. a sick baby is no fun. glad to hear she is doing better. How great you got some snowboarding/shoeing in!! I've been dying to get up to the mountains--hopefully will go snowshoeing soon. This weather in Denver, though, has been awesome!


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