Thursday, October 8, 2009

We made it 1 year....

I know I've been the worst at keeping up with the blog in the last month, ok maybe month and 1/'s had work chasing around a toddler. You read correctly, we made it 1 year!!!! I can't believe what an amazing year it has been as AJ and I watched Samantha turn into the beautiful toddler and sassy girl that she has become. It is nothing of course compared to the changes that we have seen in ourselves and our relationship, all for the best. So, without further adieu some photo-memories....

*check out the video my sister did of her pics over the last year. iamalive

September 23rd

"So Big"
Sam loved the New York Cheese Cake Grandma Cribley made

The most adorable word she says, ALL THE TIME!!

Birthday picnic for the Bradley Gang...we can't believe we've stayed a group for 1 year

Hiking with Aunt Amie and Uncle Albert one last time before they left for Germany....miss you!

Dad had to go to Dallas for some gun training so Sam and I went to visit the girls. We stayed with Sharon and Libby came up from Houston. It was a fabulous time!!

We went camping with our friends John, Leah, and Thomas after the Bradley picnic. It was so much fun and we look forward to all the trips next summer.


  1. That cheesecake looks so yummy!
    Sam looks so very happy. What a blessed family!

  2. Yeah! Fun to read your new post...and see all the cute pics! Looking forward to all future memories that will be created! Love ya!


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