Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Inspiration

I have an amazing husband. I feel so grounded in him at this point in my life. It seems that it would be a tumultuous time as our little one evolves into a toddler, our careers are unfolding, and the seasons in general are in full motion. He remains my Foundation. There have been many discussions, among ourselves and our families, as of late regarding plans for the future and the needs and desires to provide the best for our own growing family. The topics have been fruitfull, revealing, and mostly loving. We are great-full for the leadership that we have in our parents.

One important subject that we need to complete our actions is a Will, Living Will, and Child Custody papers. An insightful conversation and very important talk was shared between ALL of the grandparents and ourselves. It is not only important for legal purposes but I believe helps to connect us all in our personal times of life. We all shared what our wishes are with regards to the care of Samantha and of ourselves. How we want to be treating in death always reveals a lot of how we wish to be respected in life. Thank you to my strong husband for his leadership and departure into that discussion.

Anther avenue that AJ and I have felt some further need is in the exploration of our faith. While a Rock in so many ways this is an area that AJ (and I don't know if he feels this way, it is my observations) is still young and unguided. We know that our beginnings of faith in God are rooted in the same principles but our knowledge and understanding are not at the same place. It is important to both of us that it is a piece or OUR lives as one and that there is something there to concretely explain to Sam, at the same time an organic belief that matures with us in appreciation of the Lord. Part of examining this area of life has led us to attend some church services here in town. We found a place, through an old coworker of mine, that is bible verse led.....they actually read through each verse. The start of this church is based from an old surfer, which of course appeals to AJ. While this is a little bit of a struggle for me, it is inspirational to AJ and that makes my heart sing. We may not agree with everything that is said and done, but it is providing an arrow in the direction of our Lord for AJ. For myself it is exposure to His word and a constant reminder to keep my mind and heart open, only my thoughts can become toxic if I allow them, the Lord will speak directly to and through me as He wishes. This relationship will be organic, just like our entire path with God should be, constantly fructifying.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts! Thanks for sharing!


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