Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catching up with a busy end to summer

Well, I have been too busy and too unmotivated to update the blog lately. We really have been busy every week. Plus I have to have some creative juices flowing before I have the desire to sit down and write. So, her are some blurbs about the past few weeks events. There are more to come in the future weeks so look for more pics and stories.

We went camping for 2 night back on the 11th of August. It turned out to be a relaxing down time, but it didn't start out that way. It was a test for A and I for sure. It began rocky with me having to work the day we left and I worked ALL day. This meant to we had to hurry and pack and set up camp as it was getting dark. A and I spent most of the first day and 1/2 not really talking about anything but the necessary. We first camped at Golden State Park which is a very beautiful location but it was completely full and the sites are LITERALLY 10 ft apart. It wasn't really our idea of camping. So, we got there late and left really early (also partially because in our hurry to pack we didn't bring matches and therefore couldn't make coffee, AHHHH). Well, as we headed home we pulled our heads out of our *****(you know whats) and decided to start over. So, we headed up our favorite canyon, 285, and offroaded below Kenosha Pass to a beautiful, isolated, quiet site. A even had to drive through a good size creek to get back as far as we wanted. The next 24 hours were so relaxing and allowed us the unwind. We definitely came out better in the end!!! Sorry for no pics, our camera batteries are having problems so we are looking into getting a new camera.

I have a video of the following update but don't have the wire to transfer my videos onto the computer. I'll work on getting that and put up all of our videos......
Sam learned to climb DOWN the stairs all on her own. We were watching her climb up the stairs one afternoon and all of a sudden her right foot was feeling behind her and she slid down as soon as it hit the edge of the stair. We screamed with excitement and she spent the next few minutes going up and down the stairs. She was so proud of herself. Now she has even figured out (as of today) how to turn around at the top stair to get started. This makes me feel better about the safety around stairs, plus I'm sure it is great use of her sponge of a mind.

Early last week we spent a few days with a low grade fever.......and the winner is her TOP LEFT TOOTH!!!! It finally popped out. The good news, she made if through the rough times with a fever, taking her meds(yuck), and not wanting to eat well because the meds taste so gross. The bad news, now she grinds her teeth and make the most hideous sound.

We went and had a wonderful evening at Rio Grande, home to the 1 Margarita limit, you can guess why. We took this adventure with our friends the Castaldi's. Bob, Colleen, and Caroline were the perfect company for the evening out. Here are some pics.....

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