Monday, August 10, 2009

Dad home all week; camping fun; good fresh food

Sun - Rotisserie Chicken; Crashed Potatoes; Corn on the cob

Mon - Fish; green beans from the market; rice

Tues - Taco Salad

Wed - Eastern Chicken Sandwich; pasta salad

Thurs - BLA (Turkey bacon, lettuce, avacado); Summer squash Gratin

Fri - Tai pasta w/ Peanut Sauce; cucumber and carrot salad

Sat - Something w/ the Castaldi family....Pizza or happy hour at Rio's!!!

Just mom and Sam.......
Sun - Zesty Vegetable Enchiladas

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  1. Your menus always look incredibly delicious, mama! Feeding your family great fresh food is one of the best ways that you can "say", i love you.

    P.S. I answered your questions that you left in my comments section tonight--sorry that it took me so long!

    I love your blog! You guys have an incredibly adventureous life!

    Joni :)


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