Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moments as these...

Well, The entire family got some level of sickness over the last couple of weeks. It all began with Sam and I getting a cold. Then pour Sam got the Croup REALLY BAD. The only fun part was that she got to sleep in a humidifing sheet tent over her bed. Luckily Ella only acquired a little cough, momma's milk is the best!!

How often do you see a 2 yr old sitting for more than 2 seconds? Wow she was sick!!

Soon after, however, she was back to her Diva self.
The other day she brought a book to me to read called Frederick. This book happens to be in German, given to her by her Aunt Amie. I stated that I can't read German but would be happy to make up a story. She simply stated that "Amie can read it." We will Skype some day soon and have her read it:)

Little Ella is establishing quite the personality of her own. As she learns to control all these flailing body parts all she really wants is to suck her thumb. Unfortunately the arms don't cooperate and she insists with a ton of frustration to not have any help. This makes for some noise before falling asleep for naps.

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