Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update on the Girls

Sam has been the best big sister between her patience and attention to Ella. She really has found a nice balance between being herself and being a sister. She has learned to sing Hush Little Baby (the non-materialistic version by Sylvia Long) and likes to sing it to Ella. The best advancement in her language, and there is a lot of talking going on, is when she learned to pronounce her Ls because of her sisters name. The day she came to the hospital she was sticking her tongue way out when saying Ella's name. I could not figure out why until my sister pointed out that it was the first time she had really used an L. She can say her Ls now without sticking her tongue at you!!!Ella is growing like a weed and gained 1 lb the first 10 days of life!!! She is a great eater and great sleeper (thank goodness). She started smiling at us on purpose the week of Dec. 13th and sucked her thumb (twice) the eve of Dec 19th. It was so cute to see her joy in finding her thumb, but painful for the ears when she can't find it:)


  1. Wow! Sam has grown a BUNCH! And that hair! Ella is a cutie! Great to see an update from you guys.


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