Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blessings II

Ella Lorraine O'Brien

We did a blessing for Ella with the immediate family here in Colorado. Present were Grams and Pop pop O'Brien, Grandma and Grandpa Cribley, and Aunt/Uncle McCracken. We placed the hoopa with our wedding cloth draped over the top in our living room with beautiful light and out of the cold winter day. AJ read a poem he wrote and everyone else gave blessings both traditional and from their hearts. Our loving families desire the best for this new gracious little girl!
Your Dad wrote and read to you...

What is a name like Ella Lorraine?

Ella was the name that we initially agreed,

while Lorraine was the name after a special great Aunt to me!!

Ella Lorraine you arrived with minimal pain in a dream like state,

While your parents looked at you in a wondrous stare with mouths agape.

We were dying to meet you
Your sister Sammy couldn't wait to squeeze you!

The past 9 months of not knowing who you were or what you would be was a mystery,

But the mere illusion of Dad knowing was the ultimate hilarity.

You were asleep when I first saw your face,

As your nurse Diana pulled you of your comfy space.

I will never forget when you were presented to me,
With the lingering question, well is it a he or a she?

In that point in time it was hard to get past,

All the poop that covered your bare a__!

Everyone was looking at me with pure excitement to be,

It's a girl I said with pure glee,!!

It's another girl to complete me.

You and your sister are everything I have hoped for and more,

I cannot wait to mess with the boys that arrive at our front door!!

Your name will always bring me a smile,

and I pray that our families' journey will take a long...long while.

In closing I'd like to say,
Thank you for being my dream come true
each and every day!!

Poppop O'Brien read...

Ella your first name is of German origin your second from the French. What you don't know is your great, great Grandmother on your father's side was Ella, short for Ellen. Your Great Grandmother's sister was named Lorraine. Both of these people were examples of love and generosity to others. They helped those in need during the financial depression and a depression that comes from within. May this tradition of love and generosity to others follow you all the days of your life. Let the smiles of all who gaze upon you bring you the warmth that comes from love and kindness to others. It is said that of all things important, the most important is love. As we look upon your family this day you can see and feel that this is true.

Albert read....
Deuteronomy 6:3-9

Grandpa Cribley read the following...
Grandpa also helped Sam to read...
Sister Samantha's Blessing
A sister is a special gift
given by Yahweh
who understands
our need
for someone
who can be even
than a friend
is why Yahweh Gave us sister's

Grandparent's Blessing
Blessed is Ella who comes in Yahweh's name
You are blessed from this house of Yahweh

We all read...
May Yahweh make you like Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah
May Yahweh bless you and safeguard you
May Yahweh show kindness and be gracious to you
May Yahweh turn his countenance to you and establish Shalom for you

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