Thursday, September 23, 2010

Singing a Song to Wake Up

"How old are you today?" TWO stated with the utmost authority!!!

Sam wakes up some mornings singing a song to herself while lazing in bed, it's such a joyous way to start all of our mornings!!! Today was a glorious day for such an occasion because the song is well known to all..."Haty Birtday to you, Haty Birtday to you!!" That's correct we have been blessed with 2 glorious years in Sam's presence and are so impressed with her every day. The latest amazement are the 5 word sentences she uses to describe nothing less than what SHE WANTS....
"I want to look at picture!" "I want a new song" 'I want to see daddy!"

Look for some fun pictures to come from Birthday, and family events!!

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