Friday, September 24, 2010

Play Date Celebration

We had to wear our Birthday Hat with our morning leche!!

Sam, Mom, and baby had a nice relaxing day. We baked cupcakes in the morning with lots of whipped honey cream on top and in the tummies!!! Then we painted some cards, got all clean in the shower, and took a great nap. When Sam woke up Dad was home and got the biggest hug after Sam ran into his arms with him singing Happy Birthday!!!

The beautiful fall day then set the stage for a fun play date in the park with, most IMPORTANTLY, Haty Birtday Cupcakes, and our friends Zane and Aveleen!! Plus mommy got some girl time with Hunter and Kim, thank you ladies:)

The evening was then topped off by a relaxing tasty meal with Grami and Popop from Albuquerque. More Birthday events to come this weekend....Her dress was drenched in bubbles so she spent the last half of the play date in her True Birthday Outfit!!!

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