Monday, February 23, 2009

Girl's RULE!!!!

Sam and I went to spend the morning with our fellow girlfriends Colleen and Caroline today. We took a fabulous 1 hour walk through Chatfield park and the girls took great naps while the moms walked and talked way too much. Then the girls ate and played while we ate some leftovers. Here are a few lovable pics!!! We look forward to lots more play-dates and being the only girls in the group they need to form a strong bond to fight the boys:)

Organize Junkie is a great reminder of how planning never stops. I feel like I was just doing this. The one thing that does keep it in perspective is the changes daily in our daughter.

Monday - Jalapeno Cheese Angel Hair with veggies and sausage; Baguette w/ olive oil

Tuesday - Turkey hard shell tacos

Wednesday - Eggplant/ Deer Parmesan Bake

Thursday - Chicken Caesar salad

Friday - Beet Salad w/ Feta

Saturday - Tamales and Veggies

Sunday - Leftovers or Soup

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  1. Did you have that Aztec Chicken yet? We love it and the kids do too.


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