Thursday, February 12, 2009


Swimming Lesson

That's right.....Samantha is a natural. My mom had the idea that we should get a video and teach Sam to swim in their lap pool. Both my sister and I learned to swim when we were babies and it is such an easy connection for babies to make, I mean they were in fluid for the first few months of life!!! Not to mention the safety factor of knowing how to go under water, float on your back, and swim to the side. The first exciting surprise was the day our Bummis Swimmi's arrived from our cloth diaper service cutely decorated with Seals. Then the WaterBabies DVD arrived from the is really a wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone. Check out the info at Little Dippers website.

We will keep you updated on the little ones progress. I've included this as a Thrifty Green Thursday for a few reasons: safety is paramount, reusable swim trunks (care of Echo Baby Diaper Service) , water is a huge resource that should be appreciated.


  1. Hi Kelli- I'm glad you like the crate idea for helping with babies sitting up/playing on their own! I hope it works out for you and Sam! I'm so glad to see this post on swimming. I've been wanting to teach my Baby Girl but haven't really known where to start.

  2. My mom took me to swimming lessons when I was a baby, too! I keep meaning to do it with my daughter. She's three now, so hardly a baby anymore. I love those pictures! Thanks for joining us for Thrifty Green Thursday.

  3. so sweet! i really should get my little one over to the YMCA pool this week--i know she'd love it, too:)


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