Saturday, August 2, 2008

This is Jill, my dearest friend, Linda, my mother's oldest friend, me and my mother!!! What a group:)

My longest friend ever, Jill, was able to make into town for the shower. Jill and I have known each other the majority of our lives. We have one of the friendships that spans time, we see each other every couple of years and catch up as if no time as past at all. There is a very special connection between us both. It was absolutely the best to have her in town to celebrate Sam, plus she's a young mother herself and gave lots of great advise. You can check her son's blog at www.
This is the O'Brien's and some old family friends eating great Greek food in Denver.
The O'Brien's came into town for 5 days to visit. We stayed very busy hiking, partying, eating, shooting, and everything in between. It was great to have them here. Sadie was especially sad as they drove off.

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  1. These photos are great. I was so glad Jill could join in the preparation for Samantha's arrival. She had a wonderful time. Michelle looks a great as ever. I will be waiting for the announcement when she is born. I am so very happy for you and AJ and all the Grandparents... It's a wonderful experience that gets better with every visit. Becky


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