Saturday, August 2, 2008

Last weekend was a very busy weekend for everyone. It was the weekend that my mom and sister threw me a baby shower. We had the best showing of people and an even larger pile of gifts. I feel totally spoiled and thank everyone for their thoughtfulness. We and especially Sam are obviously loved by lots. This picture is the wonderful products that everyone donated to the "twin." I saw a program on the local news for underprivileged mothers that provides necessary products when they leave the hospital with their newborn. It allows them to start off life with a bang. Many of our guests brought something extra to donate to the program....this means more than anything!!!!
My mother and sister, plus Linda (mom's long time friend) went all out with the party. It was a blast with games, great food, and just lots of interaction for everyone. All the guests were able to paint hanging letters of Samantha's name as well as a stool for her to use. They will always be a reminder of the fun day.

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