Sunday, July 17, 2011

Our Dear Friend Gary

Diane (beloved wife of Gary)

I wanted to share some thoughts and feelings about Gary. My goal is not to provoke tears or sadness, mainly because Gary would not want that, but I just want to reassure you that he will not be forgotten and he will always have a special place in the hearts of 1512 Whitetail. I find it funny that 2 guys, one from New York, the other from New Mexico with a 23 year disparity in age could find similarities in stubbornness and be blunt in calling things the way they are and yet still call each other friends. Gary reinforced to me in many ways what a friend is and for that I am forever grateful! How many friends do you know that will show up to your 40th Birthday party with an old man mask to give you a glimpse of how you will look in the later years? Gary had an uncanny way of letting me know when to lighten up when it seemed nobody else would! I will miss him looking over my shoulder and helping me work on my car or him inquiring about my races. I may not have realized it then but it meant a lot to me. I will really miss seeing your garage door open and be able to stop and talk to him or have him give me a hand or even just wave! He will not be forgotten and he will be sorely missed! We are here for you.

Love, The O'Briens
P.S. It may seem like a strange request, but it will mean a lot if you could please leave the garage door open on my race days, or whenever is convenient for you, that way I know he hasn't forgotten about me as well!!

*A letter to Diane from AJ

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