Friday, May 27, 2011

One Massive Update

Sorry to anyone not interested but I need to record these life moments somewhere and I've been a slacker. So, I'm going to put in 2 months worth of information mainly about the girls. For those of you that are interested, please enjoy the mass overload.

I better start writing stuff down because Ella is officially moving forward. It's more of an army crawl at this point (started 5/29/11) but it gets her where she wants to go.

- around the first week of March she laughed for the first time and began knowing her name
- 3/11 rolled over to get a toy
- 4/9 rolling over and back all directions and playing/eating feet; pushing herself backwards
- 5/25 sitting up on own
- 5/29 army crawl forward

Here are some highlights from our active, talkative toddler.
"You're kidding, that's great!!" a direct quotes with lots of expression and arm gestures.
She began counting objects in a book in April
She was saying "underwear" for under water.....we must have been swimming a lot, and doing the potty thing all at the same time:)
Loves the song "Big Girls Don't Cry" that Teo Tim put on her CD.
Tim mentioned that when he's having a bad day he thinks of our girls and it helps ground him!!
4/9 we had our first stomach flu and puked for the first time (I know something everyone wants to know and remember)
5/13 Sam had a fun weekend with Dad, Grami, and Grandma while Mom and Ella spent the week in Dallas with the Trinity girls. My first time away from her other than the 1 night of Ella's birth.

Here she had fun on a trip to the Aquarium.

We re-stained our banister, painted our office, and got new carpet this spring. Sam helped every step of the way, and she really had some fun too!!!

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  1. OMG, that picture of Ella with the orange glasses...she looks like AJ! So sweet!



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