Thursday, August 5, 2010

2 great gifts and 3 things thursday

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Cribley for the wonderful presents, a high tech swing for the new baby and a Fun Pod for everyone!! The fun pod will be a chair for Sam, highchair for the baby, and a stand for all kids to help out in the kitchen or wherever. My mom made a great connection in the UK with the mom-inventor of this great product and had her ship it over!!! Check it out at Little Helper!!!

My sister has started a new weekly meme....or something to motivate blog writing and link back to learn more about others. It is a fun way to write Three Things Thursday and who knows maybe learn more about ourselves as well.

This week it is Three Things from childhood that make you who you are today!

1. As a new mom myself I learned through recent discussions about parenting that my mother made sure to enforce my dad being involved in my growing up. I must thank them both because I truly believe that it incited in my character the positive qualities of both, my passion and analytical rational.

2. At 13 I was becoming overwhelmed and so competitive that my parents made me choose between ice skating and horse showing. I took a month off from ice skating and loved the sleeping-in (skating was every 5 am) so much that I never looked back. I'm a great sleeper to this day and also seem to be very focused on my direction in life and lack any clutter in time or space. Thank you Mom and Dad.

3. The horse show decision led to a purchase of a fancy horse with my college investment. Not only did the investment pay off, I had a great time showing Willie, but I am very financially savvy and frugal.


  1. you are very welcome. Now Samantha can drag over her little helper to help mom instead of the chair!!

  2. Thanks for joining in. I'm glad you included Willie, he was so cool.


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