Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updates and Surprises

Don't worry I'm not so pregnant brain that I forgot to post pictures.....I'm still waiting on pictures from Europe!!!!

Until then here is some other fun pictures and info:

We were sitting at breakfast one morning a few days after our trip and Samantha says: "Amie Dourney, Albert Dourney". Not sure what she meant AJ suggested Amie in Germany, Albert in Germany. Sam agreed and now if you ask her where Amie and Albert live she will say Germany. However, she is also saying "Dad (fill in other names) Dourney....so we think there is an alternate meaning but haven't figured it out yet....and ideas?

We have a GIRL for sure and she loves to accessorize with shoes, purses and necklaces!!! She loves to wear everyones shoes, apparently the fetish is inherited from her Great Grandmother Galloochio, as well as Great Grandma Platt. She also has learned well from Grandma and Gramsi on the finer points of shopping and loves to browse the shops......at least she can do it with them because everyone knows how much I love to shop, NOT!!

Her new cowboy boots!!

Here are some pics of our shoe modeling and Sam picked out this purse in Paris the first day....She carried around for 3 days, she wouldn't even let us help.

Dad's favorite picture in Paris!!

We enjoyed a fun weekend when my best friend Sharon surprised us with a quick 24 hour visit. Sam made a new great friend, so much so that she woke up on Monday asking for fun Sharon!!! Loved the visit girl:)

We also had our community garage sale and did great getting rid of some stuff this weekend. We even tried to get an offer on Sam.....$1 a day with return at night was the best we got, we turned it down:)


  1. Could she be saying "journey"? And I swear the pictures are on their way. I'm headed to the post tomorrow!

    So cute. She's grown...stop growing Squeaker!

  2. Yes, I think journey is likely but we never use that word so where did she learn it? I think it's something else????


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