Friday, July 24, 2009

Helping Hands

I wish to shout out to everyone what a help my husband and daughter are to keep our home and house functioning. AJ deserves so much love for all the home improvement and just fixit things that he has had to face the last month. We have learned a lot about plumbing, drywall, and various other little things that just keep the world turning. I know that it is hard to come home from work and just have more work to do, especially when it seems that there is always something. It feels like you just begin to feel accomplished and something else comes up. So....

THANK YOU to my wonderful supporting husband and all you other supportive spouses and parents out there!!!!
Helping mom get things done!!

Helping Dad eat a popsicle!!!

Helping Sadie finish her food!!!

Helping w/ laundry!!!

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